24 keys

Here's a page to help inspire composition or improvisation.

There are 24 keys, and 24 moods - just push the button and play!

If it doesn't inspire you, simply click again for another combination!

This helped to compose Exhibition Pieces in January 2022, plus 24 more new pieces in December 2022.
The latest series featured a video for each piece, recorded each day as they were composed - see these on YouTube.
There's also sheet music for these, available individually below or all together here.

24 keys and a mixture of moods - all pieces in a 35-page PDF
Tune 24 - Jump up (D major, Ecstatic)
Tune 23 - Into the darkness (D minor, Furious)
Tune 22 - Sailing on an endless ocean (F# major, Wistful)
Tune 21 - When the light fades (C# minor, Gloomy)
Tune 20 - Get to Dens (G# minor, Angry)
Tune 19 - Having a laugh (G major, Hilarious)
Tune 18 - Flowing to the sea (E major, Festering)
Tune 17 - March of the monkeys (F# minor, Regimented)
Tune 16 - The fire still burns (E minor, Smouldering)
Tune 15 - Cold blows the wind (C minor, Grim)
Tune 14 - Up with the bell (E flat major, Surprised)
Tune 13 - Sombre, No? (F major, Sombre)
Tune 12 - Close of day (G minor, Melancholic)
Tune 11 - Sledging Time (A flat major, Vivacious)
Tune 10 - Meandering (B major, Mysterious)
Tune 09 - The sky's the limit (E flat minor, Pensive)
Tune 08 - Cheerful? (A major, Cheerful)
Tune 07 - Let there be light (B flat minor, Lazy)
Tune 06 - Bee in your bonnet (B minor, Agitated)
Tune 05 - Best is yet to come (D flat major, Hopeful)
Tune 04 - Skip and jump (C major, Energetic)
Tune 03 - Sunrise will come (A minor, Calm)
Tune 02 - Boldness Grows (F minor, Tense)
Tune 01 - First Footsteps (B flat major, Nervous)

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