Dundee Piano Meet

Dundee Piano Meet

A welcoming space to perform your piano pieces to an audience, and meet other piano players too. Whether you're new to piano, or have been playing for years, come along and play, listen, enjoy.

Eventbrite Link - please RSVP to help plan seating and refreshments.

You're welcome to arrive from 1.30pm onwards to try the piano - then from 2pm we'll hear the music.
We have a fairly informal setup - people take turns playing a piece of music (or two short pieces), then we may have time for another piece later . . .

Pieces played at previous events are listed below for inspiration!
All ages and stages welcome, children should be accompanied by an adult.

We'll also have tea, coffee + biscuits available.
Pay what you can, donations welcome to cover costs of room hire and refreshments.

If you have any questions, please email Ed.

DONATE online to help cover costs of room hire + refreshments.


Our venue is The Chaplaincy Centre at Dundee University, a great space with wonderful acoustics @ Cross Row, Dundee DD1 4HN
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The central location is a short distance from public transport and parking. The map below shows bus stops, car parks and areas with free parking.

Pieces played

    January 2023

    7 players
  1. Traumerei, Schumann [IMSLP]
  2. Prelude No.6, Mompou
  3. Adagio Cantabile, Beethoven (Op.13, No.8) [IMSLP]
  4. Prelude in F minor, Bach (BWV 881) [IMSLP]
  5. Beauty and the Beast, Menken
  6. Prelude in E flat major, Rachmaninoff (Op.23, No.6) [IMSLP]
  7. Sleeping Lotus, Beving
  8. Links, Eno
  9. Walk on by, Bacharach
  10. I'll never fall in love again, Bacharach
  11. Prelude in G major, Rachmaninoff (Op.32, No.5) [IMSLP]
  12. Prelude in E flat major, Bach [IMSLP]

  13. February 2023

    10 players
  14. Billie's Song, Capers
  15. Farewell, Grechaninov
  16. Mozzie, Milne
  17. Etude, Goedicke
  18. Ukrainian Folk Song
  19. Aerobics, Extension Rock; Mexican Fiesta, Blackwell - cello, piano
  20. You raise me up, Graham/Lovland
  21. Waltz in B minor, Chopin (Op.69, No.2) [IMSLP]
  22. Sonata No.9 in E major, 1st movement, Beethoven (Op.14, No.1) [IMSLP]
  23. Rêverie, Debussy [IMSLP]
  24. Les Barricades Mystérieuses, Couperin [IMSLP]
  25. Thunder; Believer, Imagine Dragons
  26. Prelude and Nocturne for the Left Hand, Scriabin (Op.9) [IMSLP]
  27. Nocturne in E flat major, Chopin (Op.9, No.2) [IMSLP]
  28. The Man I Love, Gershwin [IMSLP]
  29. Ecossaise, Beethoven (WoO 23) [IMSLP]
  30. One in a Million, Shane
  31. Je te laisserai des mots, Watson

  32. March 2023

    7 players
  33. Mouvement de Valse, Farrenc (Op.50, No.15)[IMSLP]
  34. Etude 6, Glass
  35. Etude 20, Glass
  36. La Cathédrale Engloutie, Debussy [IMSLP]
  37. Moment Musicaux No.3, Rachmaninoff (Op.16) [IMSLP]
  38. Wind beneath my wings, Silbar
  39. Impromptu in G flat major, Schubert (D.899) [IMSLP]
  40. Armellodie, Gonzales
  41. Prelude in C sharp Minor, Rachmaninoff (Op.3, No.2) [IMSLP]
  42. Etude 9, Glass
  43. Waltz in A minor, Chopin (B. 150) [IMSLP]
  44. Twenty Four Hours from Tulsa, Bacharach
  45. I Wish I Knew, Taylor

  46. April 2023

    8 players
  47. Across the Tay, Muirhead [IMSLP]
  48. Songs Without Words 1, Mendelssohn (Op.85, No.1) [IMSLP]
  49. Dawn, Marianelli
  50. Prelude No.9 - La sérénade interrompue, Debussy [IMSLP]
  51. Sonata No.16, Mozart [IMSLP]
  52. Moon River, Mancini
  53. Vincent, McLean
  54. Somewhere (There's a Place for Us), Bernstein
  55. Farewell to Stromness, Maxwell Davies
  56. Miniature for Piano, Boyle

  57. May 2023

    9 players
  58. Vals Poetico, Granados
  59. Ninette’s Musette, Nevada
  60. Get Even, Muirhead [IMSLP]
  61. Four Japanese Verses, Pert - piano, vocal
  62. Prelude in D minor, Bach [IMSLP]
  63. Traumerei, Schumann [IMSLP]
  64. Songs Of Love, Divine Comedy
  65. Valse des Fleurs, Stravinsky
  66. Für Alina, Pärt
  67. Schindler’s List Theme, Williams
  68. Jeremy and Maureen, Gordon
  69. Boris Godunov Theme, Stravinsky
  70. Symphony of Wind Instruments Theme, Stravinsky [IMSLP]
  71. Suite No.5 in G: Gigue, Bach [IMSLP]
  72. Ladies in Lavender, Hess
  73. Only Yesterday, Carpenter

  74. June 2023

    5 players
  75. Arabesque, Burgmüller (Op.100, No.2) [IMSLP]
  76. Prelude and Fugue in E minor, Shostakovich (Op.87, No.4)
  77. Nocturne, Joel
  78. I Exalt Thee, Sanchez
  79. Get Up, Muirhead [IMSLP]
  80. June (Barcarolle), Tchaikovsky (Op.37a) [IMSLP]
  81. Now We Are Free, Zimmer/Gerrard

  82. July 2023

    8 players
  83. Trio in E flat major "Kegelstatt", Mozart (K.498, No.1) - clarinet, viola, piano [IMSLP]
  84. Idylle, Chaminade (Op.126, No.1) [IMSLP]
  85. Suilven Moon, Pert
  86. Quinag, Pert
  87. Cul Mor, Pert
  88. Prelude and Fugue in D major, Bach (BWV 874) [IMSLP]
  89. Yesterday, McCartney
  90. Moon River, Mancini - with vocal group
  91. Get On, Muirhead [IMSLP]
  92. Trois Gymnopédies, Satie
  93. Waltz in A flat major, Chopin (Op. 69, No.1) [IMSLP]
  94. Miniature for Piano, Boyle

  95. August 2023

    8 players
  96. La Chevaleresque, Burgmüller (Op.100, No.25) [IMSLP]
  97. Callanish, Pert
  98. The Stone of Rangag, Pert
  99. Haltadans, Pert
  100. The Ring of Brodgar, Pert
  101. Swans and Ducks, Waterman/Harewood
  102. Nocturne 9, Chopin (Op.9, No.1) [IMSLP]
  103. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Kataoka et al
  104. Pathétique: 1st movement, Beethoven (Op.13, No.8) [IMSLP]
  105. March, Prokofiev (Op.65)
  106. Pathétique: 2nd movement, Beethoven (Op.13, No.8) [IMSLP]
  107. Arabesque No.1, Debussy
  108. The Waltz of the Toads, Strecke
  109. What the World Needs Now, Bacharach
  110. Sonores II, Pert
  111. What Shall We Do, Traditional

  112. September 2023

    9 players
  113. Garadhban Forest, Muirhead [IMSLP]
  114. Ba Cottage, Muirhead [IMSLP]
  115. Prelude in E minor, Chopin (Op.28, No.4) [IMSLP]
  116. Unstern, Liszt (S.208) [IMSLP]
  117. Prelude in G minor: Ancienne Mélodie de la Synagogue, Alkan (Op.31, No.6) [IMSLP]
  118. Little playmates, Chwatal
  119. What Shall We Do, Traditional
  120. Dialling
  121. Circle of Life, John
  122. Summertime, Gershwin
  123. Prelude in C sharp minor, Rachmaninoff (Op.3, No.2) [IMSLP]
  124. Clair de Lune, Debussy
  125. Swans and Ducks, Waterman/Harewood
  126. Mountain king
  127. Für Elise, Beethoven [IMSLP]
  128. Minuet and trio, Mozart
  129. Nocturne in B major, Chopin (Op.62, No.1) [IMSLP]
  130. Liebesleid, Kreisler [IMSLP]
  131. Golden Hour, JVKE

  132. October 2023

    4 players
  133. Silta, jauka isabina (The warm and pleasant room), Latvian, arr. Garuta
  134. Salut d’amour, Elgar [IMSLP]
  135. Selection from La La Land, Hurwitz
  136. Dream a Little Dream of Me, Andre
  137. Killing Me Softly With His Song, Fox, arr. Shearing
  138. I Got Rhythm, Gershwin [IMSLP]
  139. Breath of the Wild, Kataoka et al.
  140. Concerto in D minor, Marcello, arr. Bach (BWV 974, No.3) [IMSLP]

  141. November 2023

    14 players
  142. Blue moon, Rodgers + Hart, arr. Shearing
  143. Eiffel Tower - duet
  144. Show stopper, Blackwell, plus others - cello
  145. The Sad Ghost, Litten
  146. Minuet in G (BWV Anh. II 116), Anon [IMSLP]
  147. The Spanish Guitar, Gillock
  148. The Sad Little Pig - duet
  149. Sunbeam - duet
  150. New World Symphony, Dvořák [IMSLP]
  151. Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum, Debussy [IMSLP]
  152. Nocturne in C sharp minor, Chopin (Op. posth) [IMSLP]
  153. A Life Overflowing, Mitsuda
  154. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Kataoka et al
  155. Mary of Argyll, McCue, arr. Garden
  156. Side Saddle, Stanford
  157. Intermezzo in A major, Brahms (Op.118, No.2) [IMSLP]
  158. Sonata No.27 in E minor, 1st movement, Beethoven (Op.90) [IMSLP]
  159. The Girl from Ipanema, Jobim
  160. Capriccio, Dvořák [IMSLP]
  161. Danny Boy, Traditional
  162. The Christmas Song, Wells + Tormé, arr. Cole
  163. The Carnival is Over, Springfield

  164. January 2024

    9 players
  165. In the Groove, Cornick
  166. I Left My Heart In San Francisco, Cory
  167. Enemy (Arcane), Imagine Dragons, arr. Jack
  168. Xenoblade Chronicles Theme, Shimomura, arr. Jack
  169. Nocturne B major, Chopin (Op.32, No.1) [IMSLP]
  170. Etude No.1, Glass
  171. In the Groove, Cornick
  172. Allegro (Sonata Hob XVI-G), Haydn [IMSLP]
  173. Raindrop Prelude in D flat major, Chopin (Op.28, No.15) [IMSLP]
  174. Monkey Hair, Marra
  175. Nocturne in E flat major, Chopin (Op.9, No.2) [IMSLP]
  176. Prelude and Fugue in E flat minor, Reger (Op.85, No.4) [IMSLP]
  177. Wind beneath my wings, Silbar

  178. February 2024

    9 players
  179. Ancora, Einaudi
  180. Sunset, Beethoven / Walter Scott - piano, vocal [IMSLP]
  181. O, How Can I Be Blithe and Glad, Beethoven / Burns - piano, vocal [IMSLP]
  182. Egyptian Level, Wooding
  183. Ninette’s Musette, Nevada
  184. Waltz in C sharp minor, Chopin (Op.64, No.2) [IMSLP]
  185. I’ve Been Wishin', Alfred
  186. Allegro from Italian Concerto in F Major, Bach (BWV 971) [IMSLP]
  187. Játékok "Games", Kurtág - Temptavit Deus Abraham; Consurrexit Cain adversus fratrem suum; Noah; Messiaen
  188. In Memory of Messiaen, Kurtág
  189. Mouvement de Valse, Farrenc
  190. Piano Improvisation, Renfrew
  191. Changing Times, Hammond
  192. All I Ask of You, Lloyd-Webber
  193. Glasgow Love Theme, Armstrong
  194. Prelude No.3, Gershwin [IMSLP]
  195. Don’t Stop Believin’, Journey
  196. Dighty Burn, Muirhead [IMSLP]

  197. March 2024

    3 players
  198. Lairig Mòr, The Great High Pass, Muirhead [IMSLP]
  199. The Lovely Lass of Inverness, Beethoven / Burns - piano, vocal [IMSLP]
  200. O, How Can I Be Blithe and Glad, Beethoven / Burns - piano, vocal [IMSLP]
  201. Lacrimosa, Mozart (Requiem, KV 626)
  202. Zodiac, Stockhausen - Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus
  203. Fly me to the moon, Howard
  204. Primavera, Einaudi
  205. Piano Man, Joel
  206. Sunset, Beethoven / Walter Scott - piano, vocal
  207. Prelude in B minor, Chopin (Op.28, No.6) [IMSLP]

  208. April 2024

    6 players
  209. First Footsteps, Muirhead [IMSLP]
  210. Harmony of Angels, Burgmuller [IMSLP]
  211. Waltz in A flat major, Chopin (Op.69, No.1) [IMSLP]
  212. Intermezzo No.1/2, Brahms (Op.118, No.1, No.2) [IMSLP]
  213. Dreams, Foster
  214. Arabesque, Schumann [IMSLP]
  215. Green Tea Farm, Hiromi
  216. Allegro: 1st movt from Sonata in G, Haydn (Hob. XVI:G1) [IMSLP]
  217. Sonata in F# major, Beethoven (Op.78, No.1) [IMSLP]
  218. Little Country Church, Girard/Field
  219. La Cinquantaine, Gabriel-Marie [IMSLP]

  220. May 2024

    9 players
  221. Clachan Sands, Muirhead [IMSLP]
  222. Minuet in C, Reinagle [IMSLP]
  223. Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence, Sakamoto
  224. Waltz in D-flat major (Minute Waltz), Chopin (Op.64, No.1) [IMSLP]
  225. Fresh Air, Eales
  226. Chaconne in D minor for the left hand, Brahms/Bach [IMSLP]
  227. Sarabande (Holberg Suite), Grieg (Op.40, No.2) [IMSLP]
  228. Rêverie, Debussy [IMSLP]
  229. Rondo alla Turca, Mozart (Sonata No.11, No.3) [IMSLP]
  230. Sneaky Business, Mier
  231. Philomela, Pilling
  232. Dundee Marmalade, Muirhead [IMSLP]
  233. Prelude through all the major keys, Beethoven (Op.39) [IMSLP]

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