Dundee Piano

The Piano.
88 keys, hundreds of possible sounds.

Learning to play piano helps you build a solid musical base, covering treble and bass clefs, melody, harmony and rhythm.
It improves your co-ordination, using both hands - and both sides of the brain.
And it's great fun!

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I've been playing piano for over 30 years, and providing piano lessons since 2014. Based in the west end of Dundee, I tutor over 60 students of all ages: children starting out, teenagers considering a career in music, and an increasing number of adults learning new skills and playing for enjoyment.

I also teach theory lessons, arrange and compose, as well as providing community music sessions and guitar lessons.

My rate is £16 per 30 minute lesson. Waiting lists are currently closed due to high demand, but you can email to find out more.

I've created Tips Pages explaining a variety of connected music theory and piano-playing concepts: tips.dundeepiano.co.uk

Read more about piano lessons here, book online lessons, look at music arrangements, or find out about aural tests, grades, tips for practise, choosing a piano, and a range of quizzes and more about me.

Here's some feedback from piano students:

I have recorded video tutorials for a range of piano pieces, with over 5k subscribers and 1 million views so far.

Beginner videos:

All videos:

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