Original music and ideas

I've composed tunes on piano (or guitar) almost as long as I've played - and it's great fun.

Since writing more recently, I thought it would be good to have a page for it.

June/July 2021 - New Songs

Preparing for a new album, writing a new song each day as I walk our dogs at the park :)

More over on my songs page

May 2021 - Daily Tune Sketches

On a Monday morning in May, an idea for a wee tune came to me - so I wrote it down in a spare few minutes.
This inspired me to have a go at writing one every day of the week (nearly) - see below.

These little sketches will help inspire me to write more new pieces of music - and maybe inspire you too :)

September 2020 - Roots, Branches + Leaves

Six original pieces of music written especially for piano, ranging from beginner to grade 5 level - and inspired by trees. There's the optimistic "Horse chestnut", the gradually blossoming "Slowly growing", the thoughtful "Leaves are falling", the playful pair "Climbing the branches" and "Squirrel!" and finally the robust and swirling piece "If a tree falls in the forest..." Sheet Music Available

August 2020 - Lochs, Hills + Rivers

Six pieces for piano, inspired by exploring some of Scotland's natural beauty. Whether Walking to Loch Brandy, climbing Edinburgh's Salisbury Crags, or looking out Across the Tay. These range from grade 1-5 level. Sheet Music Available

July 2020 - Notes from a Scottish Summer

Seven pieces for piano written during a week of lockdown in July 2020, full of blue notes and jazz chords.
Each one has a different feel, from mellow or wistful to fast & snappy, and they are around grade 3-5 level. Sheet Music Available