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Original music, and hundreds of arrangements for piano . . .

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Over the years I've helped people learn all sorts of music on the piano.
I've arranged many pieces of music and produced hundreds of files - these are provided below for practise purposes.

If you'd like to show your appreciation, or you have any requests,
please donate £1 per piece.

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Exhibition Pieces: PDF £5

24 pieces, one in each key, written one each day in the first 24 days of 2022 and inspired by items at The McManus.
Read more about Exhibition Pieces.

Donate for music

If you enjoy the music, please donate whatever you're able, so I can keep producing more arrangements for piano practise!

Greatest Showman Medley: PDF £4

Very popular all around the world, here's my arrangement of all nine pieces in their original keys for intermediate piano.

Example PDF

Piano Themes: PDF £3

Arrangements of twenty well known themes from movies and TV, from James Bond to Star Wars and Hamilton.

Preview of contents

Notes from a Scottish Summer: PDF £3

Seven original piano pieces written during lockdown, ranging from the rise-and-shine of Get Up to the punchy Get On and the bluesy Get Even - all prompted by family life in the "new normal".


Example PDF

Lochs, Hills and Rivers: PDF £3

Six original piano pieces based on walks around the east of Scotland. Dundee features in "The Dighty Burn" and "Across the Tay" alongside Edinburgh's "Salisbury Crags". An outing to the Angus Glens inspired two pieces with different tones: "Walking to Loch Brandy", and "Lost at Loch Wharral".


Roots, Branches and Leaves: PDF £3

Six original piano pieces inspired by trees (and the creatures that live in them) - spotted while walking the dogs. Each of these has a different feel, from the whole-tone exploration of "Climbing the Branches" and the mellow "Slowly Growing" to the up-beat bounce of "Squirrel!".


Grade Level Pieces: PDF £3

Collections of piano music arranged by grade - so far for Grade 1, 2, 3. These each include a range of pieces from baroque, classical, romantic and contemporary sources.

Preview the contents: grade 1, grade 2, grade 3

Also available: a limited supply of Spiral Bound Books

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Also see some of my arrangements on the musescore website

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