Theory tuition

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Day-time · 10-3pm · 1 waiting
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After-school · 3-6pm · 11 waiting
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Evening · 6-8pm · 12 waiting
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Saturday · 10-12 · 6 waiting
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Theory lessons - online

My rate is £15 per 30 minute lesson.

Each lesson is tailored to your current level, covering theory concepts relevant to you. I will supply notes, tips and a custom learning page with further help such as tutorial videos, worksheets and more.

I've created Tips Pages explaining a variety of connected music theory and piano-playing concepts:

Find out more and download Zoom here.
All you need is a device with camera/microphone (eg: laptop, computer or smart phone) near your piano or keyboard.
Book your lesson in advance by email to arrange the time and receive the meeting link.

If you have any questions or issues, 07948 504355 or email.

Some theory videos showing notes, rests and more...

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