Dundee Piano

The Piano.
88 keys, hundreds of possible sounds.

Learning to play piano helps you with co-ordination & concentration.
Learning piano builds a solid musical base, covering treble and bass clefs, melody and harmony.
It improves use of both hands - and both sides of the brain.
And it's great fun!

I've been playing piano for over 30 years, and teaching since 2014.
At Dundee Piano we have students of all ages, from young children starting out, to teenagers preparing for a career in music, to adults picking up new skills.

email to enquire about lessons: what days/times suit you?

There are pages for lessons, grades, practise, choosing a piano, plus quizzes.

Here's a selection of feedback from a recent survey of my piano students:

I have made video tutorials for a range of piano pieces . . .

  • "Thank you so much for these wonderful, informative tutorials! On another note (pun intended), your accent is simply marvellous." - Maija Paija
  • "Your tutorials are way better than any other, even the paid ones." - Mark Magkasi
  • "Thank you. This is a very helpful tutorial!! you just got your self another subscriber my friend! keep up the good work!!!!" - Gregg Acuff