Dundee Piano

The Piano.
88 keys, hundreds of possible sounds.

Learning to play piano helps you build a solid musical base, covering treble and bass clefs, melody, harmony and rhythm.
It improves your co-ordination, use of both hands - and both sides of the brain.
And it's great fun!

I've been playing piano for over 30 years, and teaching since 2014. I teach lots of students of all ages: children starting out, teenagers starting a career in music, and an increasing number of adults learning new skills and playing for enjoyment.

My rate is currently £14 per 30 minute lesson. Potential lesson slots are shown in the calendar, and I have a short waiting list for other times.

email to join my waiting list for lessons: what days and times suit you?

Read more about piano lessons here, look at music arrangements, or find out about vouchers, grades, tips for practise, choosing a piano, and a range of quizzes. Plus there's pages for The Greatest Showman and Christmas and more about me.

Recently we had a series of livestreams covering aural test training, listening skills and more - see below.

This feedback is from a survey of piano students:

I have recorded video tutorials for a range of piano pieces, with over 2.5k subscribers and 600k views so far.

  • "I can't tell you how happy I am when I found your channel. THANK YOU for your hard work, your channel is my favourite 👍" - Sara Mohammed
  • "Thank you! I love how much detail you give. Very helpful." - Leanne Kiya Minns
  • "Thank you so much for these wonderful, informative tutorials! On another note (pun intended), your accent is simply marvellous." - Maija Paija
  • "Your tutorials are way better than any other, even the paid ones." - Mark Magkasi
  • "Thank you. This is a very helpful tutorial!! you just got your self another subscriber my friend! keep up the good work!!!!" - Gregg Acuff